Former NWHN Board Members Reflect on WHI's Impact

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Nancy Worcester and Mariamne H. Whatley
Mon, July 09, 2012

We're honored to share an article by two former board members, Nancy Worcester and Mariamne H. Whatley. Please read this excerpt and follow the link to the full article and to find out how this story ends:

"The drug industry spoke directly to women as potential consumers through every form of popular media. It advertised widely, it prepared ready-to-use health "news" for television and it gave financial support to so-called consumer health groups.

To influence physicians' prescribing habits, pharmaceutical companies in 2001 spent $8,000-$13,000 per physician, using a variety of approaches. They gave free samples to develop doctor and patient loyalty to their drug. They sponsored medical conferences. They designed and paid for presentations that were delivered by respected colleagues. And they made selective use of studies favorable to their own products."

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This is one great thing I like about reading news online, they put it out the way it is. Thank you Nancy Worcester and Mariamne H. Whatley. I am following you guys Thank you so much. This is Henry from  Medsempire Victor and I love your blog.

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