Women and Genetics in Contemporary Society (WAGICS) Workshop

May/June 1997

by Regina Kenen

On May 16, 1996, approximately sixty women gathered in Zanesville, Ohio to participate in a three day workshop entitled Women and Genetics in Contemporary Society (WAGICS), the first feminist conference funded by the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELS1) of the National Center for Human Genome Research. This workshop was gestated almost single handedly by Becky Holmes, the motivating force behind the pioneering conference on Ethical Issues in Human Reproduction Technology: Analysis by Women held in 1979.

Date Published: 
Mon, May 05, 1997

Genetic Fixation in a Polluted Environment

March/April 1997

by Regina Kenen

Nurture vs. Nature

Date Published: 
Mon, March 03, 1997
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