Health Questions

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Since 1975, the National Women’s Health Network has worked tirelessly to ensure the FDA, corporations and pharmaceutical companies place women’s health interests at the forefront of policy and decision making. That's not all we do though. As advocates for women’s health, we value women’s personal experiences and believe they should help shape national policy.

We also believe that a woman should have access to safe, accessible and accurate health information, regardless of her income, place of residency or insurance coverage. The Women’s Health Voice empowers women to make their own decisions about their health by providing them with reliable and current health information about a wide range of topics.
We encourage you to check out some of our most common health questions below. Do you or someone you know have a question about a women’s health concern not on the list? Fill out this form with your question or call us at 202-682-2646 to speak with the Women’s Health Voice hotline.

Featured Health Questions