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Take a glimpse into the past of the National Women’s Health Network. Learn about the historical context of the women’s health movement, and discover the five inspiring women whose dedication to women’s health activism led to the founding of the NWHN.
Historical Look at NWHN
A Brief Historic Overview
The Pill Hearings (1970)
The 25th Anniversary of The Doctors Case Against the Pill
The First FDA Protest (1975)
The Founders
Barbara Seaman
Alice Wolfson
Belita Cowan
Mary Howell, M.D.
Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D
30 Years of Protecting Women's Health
In 2005, the NWHN celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding. To commemorate this special event, we honored 30 activists for their commitment to improving women's health. Read more about our Honor 30 for the 30th Program.

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A Piece of NWHN History

Click the image below to view a short documentary film that follows the National Women's Health Network's activism and progress in women's health advocacy, from Congressional hearings on safety of birth control pills through research on menopause hormone therapy to the new health care reform law.  Hear real stories of how we shake up Congress, Big Pharma and complacent physicians by listening to women and speaking out for change.