Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Too Much Pink, Not Enough Progress

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The Women's Health Activist
September/October 2011


After 20 years of pink ribbons, there’s more awareness of breast cancer but, in our opinion, not nearly enough commitment to real change — which is badly needed. Breast cancer is still too common, treatment is still too invasive, and the disease still can’t be cured once it’s spread. The articles in this issue look at tough issues that aren’t talked about often enough.

We invited the National Breast Cancer Coalition to write about their bold new campaign to end breast cancer by 2020, which we proudly support and which can make a real difference in women’s lives. We’re also fans of Breast Cancer Action’s “Think Before You Pink” campaign, and invited Kira Jones to write about how the “pinkification” of the movement can hamper real change. Other articles look at industries’ efforts to keep personal care products on the market without adequate safety testing and to push treatment drugs that aren’t effective. We know that personal experience sparks social change, and are proud to bring you articles by women who didn’t see their own experience acknowledged in the larger movement and found a way to raise their voices and join others to ensure that advances in research and treatment help young women and women with advanced disease. We hope you’ll be inspired by what you read.