Securing Sexual & Reproductive Health and Autonomy

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The NWHN supports access to safe and effective reproductive health technologies, services and information without restrictions driven by ideology.  We defend women’s sexual and reproductive health and autonomy against anti-choice threats which would undermine access to contraceptive and abortion care.  And we promote provision of accurate information about how women can protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and infection.

Recognizing the challenges of HIV prevention for women and the disproportionate impact that HIV/AIDS has on women of color, the NWHN has made advancing women’s ability to protect themselves from HIV infection a key priority for the Securing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Autonomy campaign. We advance this goal by promoting access to HIV prevention tools and services that are available to women today and advocating for research to expand the range of prevention options for women.
Current NWHN advocacy priorities for securing sexual and reproductive health and rights include:
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