Women's Health Voice

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The NWHN believes that with the right information, all women can make good decisions about their health care. It is our goal to provide women with the tools they need to make these decisions.

Please note that while we can provide you with accessible and accurate health information, we are not medically licensed professionals and thus cannot provide medical diagnostic or treatment advice.  
The Women's Health Voice, the NWHN's health information program, provides clear, well-researched, and independent information on a variety of women's health topics in a variety of different formats.
  • Fact Sheets itemize facts and pertinent information about specific women's health topics.
  • Outside Resources are other organizations dedicated to improving the health of women and girls. Many of these organizations are our allies in advocating for women's health, and all of them offer excellent information on a variety of topics, from breast cancer to contraceptive use to adolescent sexuality.
  • Our newsletter, The Women's Health Activist, contains regular features from our executive director, staff members, current and former board members, and colleagues from ally organizations on hot topics in women's health.
Part of our mission is to support individual decision-making by providing evidence-based information free from corporate influence. We focus on helping women better understand their situations to make well-informed health care decisions. Contact us today with your health information question!
What we are able to provide:
  • General information on women's health topics
  • A feminist perspective on current issues in women's health
  • Evidence-based research on the risks and benefits of certain drugs and procedures
  • Information on available treatment options
What we are not able to provide:
  • Physician referrals
  • Financial assistance in paying for health care
  • Information on general health topics
Ask the Women's Health Voice
Email us at healthquestions@nwhn.org
Call us at (202) 682-2646, Tuesday - Friday 9am-5pm, EST.

For examples of questions that have been asked and answered, click here.


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