10 Angry Men

There were many statements in the first GOP Debate that were false, crass, and indicative of the GOP presidential hopefuls’ ignorance of the needs of large factions of the American public. I paid particular attention to what the cream of crop of the GOP had to say about my uterus.

Marco Rubio emphasized that despite prior legislation that he cosponsored, he would not support rape and incest exceptions to an abortion ban. And how dare you suggest that, Megyn Kelly, even if it IS in writing?! When asked, “What about the mothers of these unborn children?” Rubio replied, “The what?” It appears that no one ever broke the news to Rubio that the stork tale was not, in fact, accurate.

Scott Walker did not deny that he supports an abortion ban without an exception for life-saving measures for pregnant women.

Mike Huckabee emphasized that things like “liberty” and “laws” under his hypothetical presidency would not influence abortion…but his personal religious beliefs certainly would: “The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being.” It is unclear whether he was referring to God, Reagan, or himself.

I became confused, thinking that I had accidentally tuned into an episode of Jeopardy where every contestant selected the category “The Most Offensive and Inaccurate Statements You Can Make About Women’s Autonomy and Health.”

As I watched the debate in my apartment, I started to cry. And I know what you’re thinking, Donald, and no, I was not on my period. Neither was Megyn Kelly, by the way.

I was simply terrified. Yes, debates contain political fodder to pander to voters; a lot of promises that politicians make do not come to fruition. However, promises on abortion restrictions and policy are not empty. Did you know that the Mexico City Policy is normally rescinded or enacted on the president’s first few days in office? And with a Republican Congress behind a GOP President, restrictions to abortion will be prioritized. The GOP will throw a forced birth-day party.

I’m upset and scared about losing my rights to bodily integrity, a right that separates me from government property. What they say is not a political spiel to me. It is not a circus act. It is my life. If I was raped under the presidency of one of the GOP candidates, I would be forced to have a child that was the result of sexual assault. I would bear the mental burden of seeing my rapist’s face every single day in the face of my child. If I was married with children and my wanted pregnancy became life endangering, my children would be told that their mother’s life isn’t worth saving.

As I sent an abbreviation of this rant in a text to my boyfriend, I was catcalled. I do not apologize for my anger. I watched the first GOP Debate and I am terrified.

Kierstyn Smith was a NWHN Intern in Summer 2015.

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