We’ve never been stronger, let’s keep our momentum going!

I have never seen women in this country – women of all ages, races, and from all walks of life – as active, engaged, and eager to fight back for their health care as they are right now.

On Saturday, January 21st, history was made by a seemingly simple act of almost three million people coming together to be bold and be counted. I hope you’re as ready as I am to get to work and fight back with everything you’ve got. Because all of us have something to lose:

  • Low-income women could lose the subsidies that allow them to afford their health insurance.
  • Women on Medicaid and women with preexisting conditions could lose their coverage altogether.
  • Older women could lose prescription drug coverage.
  • Young women could lose preventive services like birth control, well-woman exams, STI screenings, and Pap tests.
  • Mothers could lose their maternity coverage, breastfeeding support, and free vaccinations for their kids.
  • LGBTQ people could lose their federal protections against discrimination.

But if Trump and Congress think they are going to take health care coverage away from millions of women without a fight, Saturday’s marches show we are happy to disappoint them.

Please support the Network fighting by your side. We are rallying our allies in Congress, expanding our network of women activists, and arming women with the information they need to keep themselves healthy, safe, and free in the Trump era.

We hope you stand with the Network, as the Network stands with you.