Abortion Without Provider Involvement!

When I looked up the word “autonomy” in the Webster’s dictionary, it was defined as the right to self-government. Nowhere near that word did I find Democrat or Republican or any other political party affiliation. For years, anti-choice politicians have made it their mission to decrease a woman’s access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare options.  This year alone, anti-choice politicians have introduced over 160 bills restricting access to abortion care.

With this trend on the rise, women are seeking other options to access abortion services. In the March/April issue of The Women’s Health Activist, we discuss how medication abortion without a provider should be a viable option for women. The National Women’s Health Network believes that an individual seeking to end their pregnancy should have access to safe, affordable abortion care with or without the assistance of a healthcare provider.

Women should have the autonomy, information, and resources necessary to make the decisions that are best for them and their families. Politics should never interfere with women gaining access to the health care services they need in the setting that is best for them. The NWHN will continue to defend women’s sexual and reproductive health and autonomy against anti-choice threats that seek to undermine access to contraception and abortion care.

To read the entire article, “Abortion Without Provider Involvement: Exercising Autonomy Beyond Partisan Politics” visit our website.  To learn more about NWHN’s position on medication abortion, review our fact sheet.

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