RWV: Take Action: Congress Can Save Title X

Cross-posted from our joint Raising Women’s Voices campaign Trump Rules Force Clinics to Scramble to Protect Patients On Monday, reproductive health clinics across the nation withdrew from the federal Title X program rather than submit plans for complying with the Trump administration’s radical new “gag” rule. Planned Parenthood, the largest Title X grantee serving roughly 40% … Continued

What to Expect When You Stop Expecting: Demystifying Miscarriage and Medication Abortion 

In response to the confirmation of two hard-right Supreme Court justices and an increasingly hostile judiciary that threatens women’s access to clinic-based abortion, the NWHN has been working hard to demystify medication abortion for the public and push back against medically unnecessary restrictions imposed by states and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We want … Continued

Good News Can Be Hard to Find: How you can fight the spread of rightwing propaganda and misinformation

In the wake of historic election gains for women last fall and opinion polls this month showing that Americans (correctly) blamed Donald Trump for the longest government shutdown in history, it’s easy to feel complacent. It might seem like we’ve overcome the information challenges that defined the 2016 election when, for example, the media’s obsession … Continued

2018 Midterm Election Recap

Taken from page 4 of the January/February 2019 Newsletter The 2018 elections were a historic victory for health care and for women. You marched, called, wrote, protested, canvassed, and spoke out. And it worked! In exit polls nationwide, voters confirmed that health care was their top priority, and they punished officials who had sought to … Continued

NWHN in Action – March/April 2018

Raising Women’s Voices (RWV) In December, congressional Republicans passed a deficit-busting tax giveaway for corporations and the ultra-wealthy that was funded, in part, by making health insurance unaffordable for millions of families. By repealing the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate to buy health insurance, the bill will trigger spikes in 2019 premiums; 13 million … Continued

Red tape: The next GOP plan for gutting health care

Thanks to last year’s grassroots uprising, Republicans in Congress have signaled this month that they don’t have the appetite for another bruising legislative fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act or gut Medicaid. If that holds true, it’s great news for women. But that doesn’t mean we can breathe a sigh of relief quite yet. … Continued

How Trump and the GOP rigged our tax system for the rich and legalized corruption.

This week House and Senate Republicans passed their deficit-busting tax giveaway to corporations and the ultra-rich without a single Democratic vote, clearing it for Donald Trump’s signature. After failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act outright earlier this year, GOP leaders gloated that “doing away with the individual mandate [in the tax bill] makes the … Continued

We must STOP the GOP Tax Scam!

Congressional Republicans’ effort to pass their tax bill is under way. Now we must fight even harder to KILL THE BILL! Senate Republicans cleared one of their last procedural hurdles yesterday when the Senate Budget Committee voted to move the GOP tax bill to the floor. The bill would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) … Continued