Can’t Silence Women. Can’t Silence Science!

We have another opportunity for you to stand up against Trump’s attacks on women’s health! On April 22, 2017, there will be a March for Science happening in Washington, D.C. with satellite marches all around the world. The march was organized as a grassroots response to Trump’s attacks on scientific institutions and evidence-based policy. From his consistent anti-abortion comments to his conflict-of-interest laden FDA commissioner pick, we’ve seen many statements from Trump that undermine a scientific, evidence-based approach to women’s health.

The National Women’s Health Network is no stranger to taking a stand for women in science. We organized an FDA protest in 1975, urging them to provide women with information about the side effects of estrogen-containing drugs. Throughout our history, we’ve fought to increase research or disseminate information on women and science. Participating in this march is another way we are raising our voices on behalf of women.

The Trump administration’s anti-women’s health agenda and harmful undermining of scientific institutions are concerning to the NWHN and our mission. We want to let you know how you can join us in participating in the March for Science:

  1. Find a march near you, then register to attend or volunteer. There are marches happening in 479 locations!
  2. If you are in the DC area, march with the NWHN! If you are interested in meeting us at the march, email us at
  3. Grab an NWHN sticker to support women in science! Contact us at by April 14 to receive the sticker by mail. If you are in the DC area and would like to schedule a time to pick them up, please email us at You can also download here.

Here’s what the stickers look like:

If you’re not free that day but still want to support science in the midst of a hostile administration, sign our petition to tell the FDA commissioner that women’s health and safety are non-negotiable! There are so many ways to be involved in the fight for women’s health, and we hope you’ll join us in whatever way you can on April 22.