Women face health risks from drugs, medical devices, and medical treatments that are unsafe, ineffective, or unnecessary for their specific situation. The National Women’s Health Network’s (NWHN) Challenging Dangerous Drugs and Devices Campaign takes on a wide array of unsafe and unproven drugs and medical devices that companies hope to build into blockbuster profit-makers, fueled by sales to women.

The Campaign protects women from health risks by challenging dangerous drugs and devices; ensuring that women have complete and accurate information about the health products and services marketed to them; and strengthening public protections against these threats.

The Campaign presses for rigorous approval standards and long-term evidence of safety when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates drugs that women will use as well as devices that will be implanted into a woman’s body.

The Campaign also advocates for higher-quality health care for women and the best investment of health care resources by opposing the use of unnecessary and ineffective products and services.

Current NWHN advocacy priorities for the Challenging Dangerous Drugs and Devices Campaign include:


Updated: October 2016