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Now that the Supreme Court Justices have given the Affordable Care Act (ACA) a resounding stamp of approval in their landmark King v. Burwell decision, we can all breath a collective sign of relief. The health care reform law has proven unconquerable by conservatives and is here to stay. Already 16 million more Americans have access to health insurance, thanks to the ACA.

Immediately after the birth of her twins, 21-year-old Chantal1 had an IUD inserted, at no cost to her. She has had a very positive experience with the IUD, although she had cramping and intermittent bleeding for a couple of weeks after it was inserted. For the most part, though, she describes having her IUD as “smooth sailing.”

Statement of Coco Jervis, J.D., Program Director |
Food and Drug Administration Public Meeting on Supplemental Applications Proposing Labeling Changes for Approved Drugs and Biological Products

The cultural impact and huge profitability of male-targeted impotence drugs has prompted a rapidly accelerating race to create similar drug treatments for women. Despite more than a decade of research and millions of dollars spent on development, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to approve a single drug treatment for cis women dealing with so-called female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

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Coco Jervis is a former NWHN Program Director. With a focus on AIDS and HIV, and a law degree from Howard University School of Law, she expertly advocates for sexual and reproductive health. Coco continues her activism today as the Grant Manager for the feminist organization MamaCash.