“Free” Diet Drugs That Cost You in the Long Run

Many women use the beginning of the year as an opportunity to assess their health and find areas for improvement. One area in particular is losing weight and getting in better shape. Women are smart consumers, though, and have realized “diet drugs” just don’t work to achieve long term weight loss. Drug companies have realized that their gimmicks aren’t working, and are now offering “free” trials to try to boost sales.
This year, the National Women’s Health Network urges women interested in losing weight to resist misleading claims about “diet drugs” and gimmicks from drug companies as they consider adopting healthier behaviors in 2016. Diet drugs are expensive daily pills that are barely effective over placebo when combined with diet and exercise.

Many of the drugs offering free trials also produce a wide range of negative side effects that no one wants in the New Year. Studies show that one drug increases blood pressure and heart rate, and others may increase the risk of serious mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Clever gimmicks and smart advertising are not enough to balance out the serious, dangerous, and even life-threatening side effects that many of these diet drugs produce. Those two “free weeks” will end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Using free trials to improve sales for dangerous and ineffective weight loss drugs is a “cheap” way to trick women into using products that just don’t work. For more information, check out our buzzfeed article.

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