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Our health rights are being stripped away, and it’s scary. 

This spooky season we’re dealing with more threats to healthcare access than ever before.   Women’s reproductive rights are being sharply curtailed by harmful laws like S.B. 8, AKA the Texas abortion ban. States like Florida and Montana are denying gender-affirming care to Trans people, and COVID-19 is still ravaging vulnerable communities across the nation.  

But instead of screaming and running helplessly with arms flailing about like the heroines in sexist horror movies, we’re fighting back – and you can too. Help us say “Booo!” to health care threats by becoming a Collective Champion today. 

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  • Promoting pro-health policy and legislation at the state level and on the Hill 
  • Getting dangerous medical drugs and devices off the shelves for good 
  • Empowering women to make informed decisions about their health based on accurate, science-based information. 
  • Funding grassroots health activists fighting tirelessly for reproductive justice, trans health equity, rural health access, and more

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