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You tell things the way they are. It’s the truth & not the hype. You’re not influenced by advertisers, so you can speak the truth.

- ER, NWHN Member in South Dakota

2019 Accomplishments

Raising Women's Voices for the Health Care We Need

When conservatives attacked women’s access to health care in 2019, the NWHN was there to fight them.

  • Defending Abortion Care: our regional coordinators pivoted to an all-hands-on-deck defense of abortion care in their home states and nationwide after the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in late 2018 unleashed a storm of attacks on abortion access.
  • Addressing Racism in Medicaid: our unique analysis explaining how the ACA’s Medicaid expansion addresses the racism baked into the state-based structure of original Medicaid was shared throughout the broader public health movement.
  • Ensured Strong ACA Enrollment: our "enrollment is resistance" campaign helped ensure the strongest possible ACA enrollment for 2020. One of the best ways to protect the ACA from legal and legislative attacks is to make clear that millions of Americans want and need the affordable and comprehensive coverage that it makes possible, even as conservatives push forward yet another frivolous lawsuit to strike it down.

Securing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Autonomy

The NWHN promotes and defends women’s sexual and reproductive health and autonomy by changing official policies and individual practices.

"We relate the Network with trust and advocacy. That 'home' feeling. It’s a family. What is most important is that it continues."
- Ronna and Rena, NWHN Members

  • Medication Abortion Advocacy: we successfully lobbied California lawmakers in support of state legislation to require medication abortion be made available on public college campuses. While we don’t typically lobby state legislators directly, we view the new law as a prototype for how other states can improve access.
  • Reproductive Health Toolkit: we published a policy toolkit for reproductive health activists in partnership with the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH). The toolkit builds on the Statement of Principles that we developed with SisterSong in 2016 to address coercion in the provision of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs). We used the toolkit and statement to help train and influence clinicians, counselors, activists, and health administrators around the country.
  • Supporting a Low-Dose Contraceptive Patch: we testified before the FDA in support of the low-dose contraceptive patch, Twirla, a safer choice than the only other patch on the market. By a vote of 14 to 1, the FDA advisory committee agreed with us, echoing many of the points we’d made in our remarks. We also assisted members of Congress in calling for contraceptive clinical trials that include truly representative populations of potential users

Challenging Dangerous Drugs and Devices

We are one of the few women’s health organizations that doesn’t accept funding from the drug industry.

  • Personal Care Products Campaign: we expanded our earlier work fighting for safe personal care products into a full-fledged advocacy campaign. Toxic ingredients and contaminants in makeup, baby powder, and more have been linked to numerous health problems. We testified before Congress and the FDA about these issues, lobbied members of Congress, helped a House committee draft marquee legislation and organized reproductive justice organizations to fight on this issue.
  • Speaking out on Vyleesi and Makena: we spoke out against tewodangerous drugs like Vyleesi (a sex drug for women) and Makena (a drug intended to prevent preterm birth in at-risk women), raising concerns about the two drugs’ serious safety and efficacy problems. Following our advice, an FDA advisory committee recommended withdrawing Makena from the market.