Donate and Expand Health Care Access and Equity 

Here at the Network, we fight for a world where we all have access to high-quality, affordable health care. We do this by:

Shaping policy at the federal level.

Funding and training grassroots health organizations in high-need areas.

Providing accurate, reliable health information to the public.

Build with us.

3 Reasons to Give to the Network

Supporting the Network means helping:

Support real people.

We are unbiased and unbought – and have been since our founding.

Womens Lib Washington 1970

Since our founding 47 years ago, we have never relied on support from Big Pharma, insurance companies, medical
device companies, and other special interests. We are beholden only to the health care consumer (that’s you!), and to the rigors of credible health studies.

Support integrity and reliability.

We empower you to make better health care decisions.

Your Health Unlocked

 In November 2022, the Network launched its new podcast, Your Health Unlocked, which elevates reliable information and stories about today’s most pressing health topics. Together, this podcast and our group of Volunteer Health Officers (all qualified medical providers), answer the public’s crucial health questions. Questions like:

• Where can I get abortion care now that Roe has been overturned?
• How do I battle chronic stress in the workplace?
• Is what I’m experiencing ‘’down there’’ normal?

Support accuracy.

Or Maybe You Want to See the Data…

If so, we have #receipts:

The Network’s HEALTH Program grants 5 community-level health organizations $14,000 each to shift paradigms and shape policies. Grantees will participate in teach-ins from leading industry experts in policy, fundraising, operations, and communications technical assistance.


166,000 people visit our website for health care and policy information each month.

 25,000 people receive weekly email alerts packed with advocacy tips, first-look health news, and deep dive articles.

18,000+ followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn receive vital information on health news and

Be counted.

Still have questions? Reach out!

 Let’s talk about the impact you want to make, and how the Network can help. Call the office at (202) 682 - 2640 and ask for our Director of Development Laura Tucker, or email her at