An easy way to make a stance for women’s rights

As we face 2017, we must prepare for everything we’ve worked so hard to accomplish under the Obama Administration to recede or be reversed completely. Trump’s nomination of Rep. Price for Secretary of the Health and Human Services confirms our worst fears — he's against abortion and federally-funded family planning, as well as the Affordable Care Act.

Every single day we must be prepared for a fight and we hope you will join us. The easiest way to take a stance against the Trump Administration’s harmful policies is to become a Collective Champion. Through monthly automatic gifts, your voice against the dismantling of women’s rights will be heard.

Not only will becoming a Collective Champion help with the necessary resources to protect women’s rights, it’s simple, convenient and secure. There are so many upcoming fights for women’s rights that no one individual can take on themselves. Together, with other Collective Champions, you’ll know each day you’re joining thousands of network members making a difference for women.

I hope you will make your stance today and become our newest Collective Champion!

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