Do Female Condoms Really Work?


I have never tried a female condom, and I'm not exactly sure how they work. Should I use both a female and male condom at the same time for double protection?


The female condom is a thin pouch with a flexible ring at each end. It is inserted into the vagina and the inner ring fits snugly around the cervix to stay in place. The external ring remains outside the vagina. Female and male condoms should not be used at the same time because the friction could cause tearing of either one or both of the condoms. With perfect use of the female condom, they are 95 percent effective; with typical use (which includes incorrect or/or inconsistent use), they are about 80 percent effective. If you've never used a female condom or need a refresher on how to use it, we encourage you to check out these step-by-step instructions on how to insert them. Female condoms are shaped differently than male condoms but with a little practice they are just as easy to use - and you may even find you prefer them!

Because female condoms offer protection from pregnancy, STIs, and HIV, and they can actually improve pleasure for both partners; the female condom has become increasingly popular in recent years. This year on September 16, we celebrated Global Female Condom Day! You can still be a part of it by checking out this link. If you love it, tell your friends and family. Female condoms are a great option for safer sex and we encourage you to try them!

To learn more about NWHN’s advocacy work around the female condom, click here!

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