The Fight for Medicaid Expansion Continues!

But concerted public pressure paid off in Louisiana earlier this year when the incoming governor made expansion a cornerstone of his agenda. Meanwhile, responding to grassroots pressure in their states, conservative legislators in Georgia and Oklahoma have begun openly calling for expansion next year.

How important is Medicaid expansion to women’s health?

Women live in poverty at higher rates than men and are more likely to fall into the Medicaid gap. Even women who have employer-provided insurance right now are less likely to have it in their own names, making them more vulnerable when there is a change in their relationship status or their partner’s employer changes coverage.

Through our Raising Women’s Voices initiative, the NWHN has been active in the Medicaid fight. Earlier this year we released a research brief outlining the impact of Medicaid waivers on women’s health and launched an organizing and advocacy toolkit to help grassroots organizers build momentum for Medicaid expansion in their states.

As we see it, the fight for Medicaid expansion is a key fight for women’s health and women’s economic freedom. We’re thrilled to be giving grassroots organizers the tools they need to continue the fight. You can read about our toolkit here and download your own copy.