Breaking news:  a federal judge has ordered the FDA to stop enforcing its ban on mailing the abortion pill during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The NWHN applauds this decision and we also note that it will expire as soon as HHS declares the “emergency” is over.  The NWHN will continue to advocate for the FDA to permanently drop the restrictions.   

Throughout the country, patients are turning to telehealth appointments and online pharmacies for routine medical care in order to maintain physical distancing during the COVID-19 outbreakBut until a judge forced the FDA to stop enforcing its rule, the agency still required patients to pick up mifepristone (the first of two medications used together to terminate a pregnancy) from designated clinics and doctors’ offices in person — even though the FDA permits patients to wait until they get home to swallow the pill and even though the abortion itself always takes place at home.  

That’s because the FDA imposes politically motivated, medically unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone, despite its proven safety record. These requirements have long harmed patients’ health by delaying or blocking access to medication abortion.  

We’re calling on the FDA to permanently lift these restrictions and let pregnant people receive the abortion pill through the mail so that they can get the pill where they take the pill! 

You can find our resources for the campaign below.  Feel free to share widely using the hashtag #MailTheAbortionPill. 



Sign Our Petition: Tell the FDA to let us get the abortion pill where we take the abortion pill — at home!

We must protect pregnant people and the health care system during the global COVID-19 outbreak by immediately allowing safe and effective, FDA-approved abortion pills to be obtained through mail. Add your name HERE


Share Our Video: Get the Pill, Where You Take the Pill — At Home! 

In this animated video the NWHN calls on the United States Food and Drug Administration to lift politically motivated, medically unnecessary restrictions on the abortion pill right now and let pregnant people receive the abortion pill through the mail so that they can get the pill where they take the pill — at home. Please share our video widely on social media! 



Judge orders FDA to allow patients to receive medication abortion pills by mail during COVID emergency

The NWHN applauds the recent decision by District Court Judge Theodore Chuang to allow pregnant people to receive medication abortion care through telehealth, including receiving mifepristone through the mail.  However, the court’s order will only last as long as the Department of Health and Human Services determines that the COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency. 

Article: It’s Time to #MailTheAbortionPill 

In this newsletter feature article, the NWHN’s Sarah Christopherson writes on the harmful nature of the REMS on medication abortion. She outlines the ways that REMS for abortion pills are political, and are medically unjustified. 

NWHN in The Hill: The UK allows home use of the abortion pill — the US should do the same

The NWHN’s Cindy Pearson and  former FDA Assistant Commissioner for Women’s Health (and former NWHN board member) Susan Wood write that the U.K. protected the health of patients using early medication abortion weeks ago. The FDA must lift its restrictions and protect medication abortion patients in the United States now. Every day makes a difference.

Article: Lift Unnecessary Restrictions – Access to Medication Abortion During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The NWHN’s Isabelle Chaudry writes on the dangerous risks during the pandemic outlining why the FDA should lift the REMS on medication abortion. She also discusses how the FDA and state restrictions put patients and others at risk for COVID-19 transmission or worse.

Article: The FDA’s Convoluted Stance on Abortion Pills Doesn’t Protect Patients — It Endangers Them

The FDA says pregnant people can meet with their doctors remotely and have their abortion at home — but first, they must travel during a global pandemic just to pick up their pills.

Press Release: The FDA Must Permit Pregnant People to Get the Abortion Pill Where They Have the Abortion — at Home!

The National Women’s Health Network led a diverse coalition of 80 organizations in urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to lift medically unnecessary restrictions on medication abortion which put pregnant people and clinics at risk during the COVID-19 outbreak. See our letter and press release HERE.