Help Stop 40 Years of Discrimination

Today, I’m writing to ask you to make your most generous donation to help the Network assure women have the health care coverage, including abortion care, they can afford.

Since 2013, the Network has worked to make the EACH Woman Act a reality. The bill now has more than 90 Congressional co-sponsors, and momentum is building. Women serving in the military, Peace Corps volunteers, many Federal employees and the women who depend on Medicaid for their health care are all disproportionately affected by the Hyde Amendment.

The Network has been fighting the Hyde Amendment since our founding. In fact, it was the subject of our very first call to action to our members. But the EACH Woman Act is the best chance we’ve ever had to end this cruel attack on women and families!

That’s why I am calling on dedicated Network members like you — just as we did 40 years ago — to stand up to Hyde. The EACH Woman Act is good for women, it’s good for their families and it’s good for society. Passing this bill will be one of the toughest political battles the Network has ever faced. But we’re one step closer to equal health care for women.

Let’s end political interference in a woman’s personal medical decisions. We have a real chance to end harmful discrimination, and we need your help to keep going!