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Access to safe, effective, and affordable contraception is essential to our health, well-being, and even economic success.

Access to safe, effective, and affordable contraception is essential to our health, well-being, and even economic success. Yet all too often, good information can be hard to find. And decisions made by distant policymakers — some well-intentioned, others not so much — can get in the way. The following consumer health information and articles touch on the health information and policy advocacy knowledge you need to make good choices for your health while becoming a smart activist for contraceptive access.

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It’s not possible to understand present-day reproductive coercion, or its lasting impact on marginalized communities, without understanding the United States’ long history of sterilization abuse.

Advocating for yourself in the provider’s office
is a crucial part of ensuring that you get the best contraception care for you. Here are a few tips and strategies.

Natural Cycles is a high-tech version of the classic rhythm method (also called natural family planning or the fertility awareness method) in which users track their ovulation cycles in order to avoid pregnancy.

Aggressive promotion of LARCs—or of any method—infringes on reproductive autonomy. Learn about LARCs – how they work, how they’ve been prescribed, and other important info here.

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Here in the U.S., we aren’t very good at talking about contraception. In fact, we’re usually down-right terrible at it! Recent conservative attacks have focused public attention on how universally accepted contraceptive use is in this country, which may make...

Cities around the country are making sure that more women stay healthy and sexy by telling them to “put a ring on it”! What type of ring, you may ask? We aren’t talking about the kind Beyoncé warned men they...

As I write this column, health care reform is under attack in Congress. Opponents of reform have seized upon one specific women’s health issue and are using it to try to undermine the entire effort. Sound familiar? It should. Almost...

I had an Intrauterine Devices (IUD) in the 70s, when a feminist outcry exposed serious problems caused by the Dalkon Shield IUD, including infertility, uterine perforation, and death. The Dalkon Shield was removed from the market and its manufacturer declared...

Advocates fought for years to make emergency contraception available over-the-counter so that women could have convenient and timely access to this contraceptive option when they needed it. But removing the prescription requirement created a new barrier for some women.