It’s Time to Eliminate the Harmful Hyde Amendment!

Taken from the September/October 2015 issue of the Women's Health Activist Newsletter.

This visionary legislation would end bans on abortion coverage care that have been imposed by the Federal Hyde Amendment since 1976. It would also ensure that a woman’s ability to receive abortion care is not based on her income, her insurance, or where she lives.

The EACH Woman Act would restore comprehensive abortion care to the women who have been most adversely impacted by the Hyde Amendment: young women, low-income women, and women of color. It would implement a long-needed change for women and their families, particularly Federal employees and their dependents; Peace Corps volunteers; Native American women; women in Federal prison and detention centers; and low-income women living in the District of Columbia.

Right now, all of these women face significant barriers to accessing abortion care.

NWHN staff and interns stand with Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) on Capitol Hill the morning the EACH Woman Act was introduced.

Since its inception, the NWHN has advocated against the Hyde Amendment’s harmful effects. We proudly support the EACH Woman Act and the All* Above All campaign dedicated to restoring abortion coverage for low-income women. It is time to take a stand against politicians interfering in personal healthcare decisions. This bill will make a meaningful change for women and their families — join us in thanking our pro-choice Congressional allies for being bold and standing up for women. Send a thank-you Tweet or Facebook post using the hashtag #4EACHofus.

You can count on the NWHN to work hard to make the EACH Woman Act a reality for all!