Keep The Pressure ON!

Last week, in a huge win for the Network and women, the FDA approved changes to the drug label on mifepristone, which is the medication used in early abortions.  The Network has championed this change for many years—and this victory has been possible because of supporters like you.

Among the changes to the evidence-based label are a decrease in recommended dosage, increased window to take the medication, and reduction in the required number of in-person follow-up appointments.

Due to the Network’s relentless urging, the FDA has finally agreed to follow science rather than partisan politics, and these meaningful changes will remove some of the burden in accessing abortion care.

But make no mistake; while this is huge news for women, anti-abortion politicians will stop at nothing to restrict abortion access.  That’s why we have to increase our resources, and need your on-going support.

Just one day after the FDA made the announcement, Arizona’s governor signed a bill requiring clinics to follow the outdated protocol:  reinstating barriers even the FDA found unnecessary.  This is bad medicine – and bad for women’s health.

We can’t slow down, relent or ease up our efforts.  Women deserve better, and there’s too much at stake.  We need you to stand with us today—and tomorrow.  Please provide an urgent gift right away so we can keep the pressure on the FDA and anti-abortion foes.