Know the Truth

How many times have you seen slick advertisements peddling the latest miracle drug (with a litany of nasty side effects quickly noted as an aside)…only to then see ads promising legal action for those harmed by the very same drug?

If you can’t trust Big Pharma, the FDA, or sometimes even your own doctor, who can you trust? Yourself — and your National Women’s Health Network.

This year marks the Network’s 40th anniversary. Since 1975, women have trusted and depended on the Network to empower them with science-based information about their health and health care that is uncompromised by profit motive or political agenda.

And it has never been more urgent. But we can’t do it without dedicated members like you. The Network’s entire annual budget is a fraction of what a major pharmaceutical company spends marketing a single drug. And with poorly tested, potentially unsafe new products hitting the market every day — and women’s very lives depending on us — we need your support more than ever.

Whether it is menopausal hormone therapy, the female “Viagra”, birth control pills or bisphosphonates, you know you will get the truth from the Network. We have written consumer health information and conducted in-depth investigations to assure you have accurate information. We have pressed the FDA to maintain tough standards when it comes to drug approval. The Network is an unrelenting voice:  advocating for safe and effective drugs that are proven.

If you think women deserve to know the truth, then make your gift today.

Cindy Pearson was the NWHN’s Executive Director from 1996 to 2021. One of the nation's leading advocates for women's health, Cindy often testified before Congress,  NIH and the FDA and was frequently featured in the news as a consumer expert on women’s health issues. When she retired, Cindy received a Congressional Resolution in honor of her outstanding contributions to the health of women and girls.