2016 Media Highlights

Highlights – 2016


December 2016 | Article promotes the NWHN as a group to support in 2017 for the protection of women’s rights.


December 2016 | The article discusses how anti-abortionists are advocating that doctors give patients misinformation, the latest being abortion reversal, which is an unproven procedure. Cindy Pearson adds to this saying, “The one place they do it is women’s reproductive rights.”


December 2016 | NWHN Executive Director, Cindy Pearson and Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman discuss and debunk false claims made by pharmaceutical companies about hormone replacement therapy for aging women.

Washington Post

November 2016 | The NWHN was mentioned as a group concerned that rapid approval of drugs and medical devices by the FDA would lower safety standards.

Brit & Co

November 2016 | NWHN Policy Director, Sarah Christopherson quote in response to Trump’s proposal to remove the birth control benefit from the ACA if not to repeal it all together – “women should be very worried.”


October 2016 | Cindy Pearson is quoted saying, “The risk of depression has been recognized since women were able to get their hands on oral contraceptives,” in an article describing the pill’s shortcomings.

New York Times

October 2016 | The NWHN is mentioned alongside SisterSong when discussing LARC principles and LARCs history of coercion.

HerCampus at American University

October 2016 | Cindy Pearson was interviewed by HerCampus American University where she discusses NWHN’s history, college women’s health, and healthcare for all.


October 2016 | Cindy Pearson asserts that Mar-a-Lago brand works against the cause in an article discussing various women’s group’s disapproval of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and its association with Trump.


October 2016 | Cindy Pearson weighs in on the FDA’s hasty approval of drugs in the midst questioning their efficacy. “It’s like locking the barn door after the horse has gotten out.”

Parent Herald 

October 2016 |  Cindy Pearson was quoted in an article that touches on the sexism of hormonal birth control being deemed unfit for men because of the side effects while women have been forced to take the pill in various circumstances. Cindy expresses the importance of informing women so that they can make the best decision for themselves.

The Alternative Daily

October 2016 | The National Women’s Health Network was mentioned in this article for providing techniques to relieve hot flashes.


October 2016 | Cindy Pearson was quoted saying,“When Mr. Trump himself is at the center of a storm around his admitted words [about women] and the accounts of his behavior, it is political, whether the organizations like it or not,” when addressing criticism of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for its continued association with Trump.


October 2016 | Cindy Pearson was quoted saying, “When Mr. Trump himself is at the center of a storm around his admitted words [about women] and the accounts of his behavior, it is political, whether the organizations like it or not,” to answer the question of whether women’s health groups should sever ties with Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club or not.

Brit + Co 

October 2016 | Cindy Pearson was quoted saying, “Women have been helped tremendously by tips from each other on how to get help with cancer treatment, and stories of what it was like for them when they had to get chemo, or take hormone drugs or get a mastectomy is wonderful information to get from peers,” when asked how social media can benefit women’s health.


October 2016 | Cindy Pearson was quoted saying, “Trust women to make good decisions when they have good information,” in support of the inclusion of more women in studies for birth control and more transparency over the pill.

Women’s Health Magazine 

September 2016 | Sarah Christopherson was quoted saying, “When you only offer that leave to women, it sets up this bias in an employer’s mind that men are a more valuable asset because they’re not going to take leave,” when addressing the issue of paid family leave in the 2016 presidential election.

Business Insider 

September 2016 | NWHN’s report card on Addyi was mentioned; which cited some of the health concerns associated with taking this drug.

New York Magazine

September 2016 | NWHN and other watchdog groups were mentioned arguing that the approval of Addyi should have been based on science, not politics.


August 2016 | NWHN’s report card on Addyi was mentioned for assessing its first-year performance.


August 2016 | After its one-year approval, Addyi has, so far, been a flop.  Cindy Pearson was quoted saying “It’s true that not many women are using the drug now, but once advertising starts, we can expect more women to see the messaging and become interested in the product. And that means more women are likely to be exposed to the risks.” Article in response to NWHN’s report card, “Addyi One Year Later: What’s the Score?”

The Sacramento Bee 

August 2016 | NWHN was mentioned alongside other national women’s health and reproductive justice organizations for being a strong opponent of AB 2531.


August 2016 | Cindy Pearson was quoted saying, “We don’t want women to get care or procedures they don’t need. But we have generations of women who were taught to get their annual Pap smear and pelvic exam. Now that we’re sliding away from that, will women’s health suffer?” This quote was pulled from the article “Rethinking the detested pelvic exam.”


May 2016 | Cindy Pearson was quoted saying “In most cases, both men, women, and parents of children can and should advocate for a trained professional to slow down, listen and take another look.” This quote was in response to skin cancer symptoms being overlooked by health care professionals.


April 2016 | Reports on NWHN’s Menstrual Suppression consumer health information in their article “Can You Make Your Period Stop Once It Begins.”

Yahoo News 

March 2016 | The NWHN acknowledges that the label changes made to Mifeprex by the FDA will make medical abortion possible with fewer visits to a clinic.

Elite Daily

March 2016 | The NWHN’s Christina Cherel is pictured outside with one of the “The 11 Best Signs From The Supreme Court Protest For Birth Control” supporting the HHS mandate in the Zubik v. Burwell case.

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