2017 Media Highlights

Highlights – 2017


December 2017  | NWHN’s Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson says, “If financial hurdles can be overcome, and women know they can get birth control at their local drug store, ‘pharmacy prescribing of contraception has the potential to really expand access.’”

Health News Review

November 2017 | NWHN Executive Director, Cindy Pearson discussed the impact from industry-funded awareness campaigns for years on women’s health. “It’s not a public health message. It’s a sales message.”

Stat News

November 2017 |“I think this drug is dead in the water,” said Cindy Pearson, Executive Director of the National Women’s Health Network, who opposed the approval. “This is a crummy drug for an exaggerated condition. It’s only feebly effective if you stretch clinical data to the most extreme statistical analyses.”

Seattle’s Morning News with Dave Ross

October 2017 | Cindy Pearson of the National Women’s Health Network on the rollback of contraceptive coverage.


October 2017| “For some women hysterectomy is a big relief,” says Cindy Pearson, Executive Director of the National Women’s Health Network, a consumer health advocacy group. But Pearson says hysterectomy is badly overused in the U.S. “Unless women have really disabling symptoms, their surgeon should be encouraging them to try something less invasive first.”

The Progressive

August 2017 | “If [Republicans] are going to stick with nice sounding phrases like ‘freedom’ and ‘free market’ they can get away from the fact when people think about healthcare, they don’t want to be exposed to market risks,” says Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson.

MedPage Today

August 2017 | Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson states the negative impact that Trump’s anti-science appointees to the Department of Health and Human Services will have on reproductive health and preventing teen pregnancy.


July 2017 | Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson discusses the the battle for healthcare and what we can expect from Republican leadership in the future.


July 2017 | Cindy Pearson discusses the negative impact for women that may come under Trump’s pick to head the CDC, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald.

U.S. News and World Report

May 2017 | Cindy Pearson warns that Trump’s leaked birth control rule “is an invitation to business owners to drop contraceptive coverage for any reason or no reason.”


May 2017 | NWHN Policy Director, Sarah Christopherson talks with KSRO morning crew on the importance of National Women’s Health Week, and what women should be paying attention to when it comes to their health care.


May 2017 | The National Women’s Health Network was quoted in this article warning people that Scott Gottlieb “wants to speed up the FDA—even if it means clinical trials don’t represent women and people of color.”

The Atlantic

April 2017 | Cindy Pearson was quoted saying “Oh shit, I’ve got to get an IUD,” in response to the influx of women rushing to get LARCs (long-acting reversible contraception) after Trump became president.

College Magazine

April 2017 | NWHN Sr. Communications Manager, Shaniqua Seth was interviewed by College Magazine about the NWHN internship program. She was quoted saying, “having that small network is great for forming connections and being able to actually learn.”

WPFW: In Our Voices

March 2017 | Sarah Christopherson talks with radio host Nkenge Toure on the program “In Our Voices” about the Affordable Care Act, what it means for women, and what Republicans might be planning next in terms of health care reform.

BBC Radio4 – Women’s Hour

January 2017 |  Cindy Pearson discusses the increase of women seeking IUDs after the 2016 election results. Cindy’s interview starts at 25:50.

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