2018 Media Highlights

Highlights – 2018


December 2018 | Medscape cites the USA Today article in which Director Cindy Pearson discusses investigations into maternal mortality.

Los Angeles Review Of Books

December 2018 | LARB reviews A Politically Incorrect Feminist, a memoir written by one of the NWHN’s founders, Phyllis Chesler.

USA Today

December 2018 | In this article about the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act Cindy Pearson is quoted saying, “The key thing here is to not blame the mother…That does not in any way, shape or form explain the differences in rates in our community or racial disparities.”

The Courier Journal 

September 2018  | Cindy Pearson is cited saying it’s “shocking” that every state’s maternal death review team doesn’t squarely confront medical care. “You’ve got to go there,” Pearson said. “Don’t tell me what was wrong with the women. Don’t give me a list of whether they smoked or how much they weighed. Someone was taking care of the women. What did those people do?”

The Independent Florida Alligator

August 2018  | According to the National Women’s Health Network, Kavanaugh’s track record on reproductive rights makes it clear that he will aid Trump in his assault on women’s health and rights, and see to it that Roe v. Wade is reversed.


July 2018 | The NWHN is cited as a source for information about hysterectomies.


July 2018 | Prevention.com cites the NWHN as an organization promoting gender equity in medical research, education, and practice so that women no longer need to be a “super informed patient” in order to get proper medical care.

How Stuff Works

June 2018 | How Stuff Works cited the NWHN’s research on the controversial “female libido enhancer” known as Addyi.

Yahoo! News

June 2018 | NWHN’s Cindy Pearson is interviewed about malady mongers and how Big Pharma sells treatments by inventing diseases.

New York Times

June 2018 | NWHN Executive Director Cindy Pearson is quoted in the New York Times on why prices keep rising for drugs treating painful sex in women.


May 2018 | Ed Silverman of STAT quotes Cindy Pearson, Executive Director of the National Women’s Health Network in his article detailing the fate of Addyi, a female libido pill, in the U.S.

Mother Jones 

April 2018 | Stephanie Mencimer details the advocacy groups, including NWHN, that demanded a general investigation of NIAAA’s solicitation of donations from the alcohol industry.


April 2018 | Ed Silverman of STAT mentions NWHN in his discussion of the ‘Pre$cription For Power’ database.

Kaiser Health News

April 2018 | NWHN Executive Director Cindy Pearson is quoted in Kaiser Health News’ landmark piece about the new ‘Pre$cription For Power’ database, which details how much funding certain patient advocacy groups get from the pharmaceutical industry.

Jewish Journal

March 2018 | Actress and director Melanie Mayron gives NWHN a shout out as one of her favorite charities.


March 2018 | NWHN Executive Director Cindy Pearson is quoted in Mary Chris Jaklevic’s article about medical technology company Hologic’s misleading and problematic promo regarding cervical cancer.

PR Newswire

March 2018 | NWHN’s fibroids consumer health information makes an appearance in another story about AbbVie’s recent study about elagolix, a possible treatment for endometriosis and fibroids.


March 2018 | AbbVie, a research-based biopharmaceutical company conducts a study on possible endometriosis and fibroid treatment elagolix, and Equities.com references NWHN’s fibroids consumer health information.


March 2018 | NWHN’s hysterectomy consumer health information gets another shout out from Vogue writer Elizabeth Varnell, who recounts Lena Dunham’s own experience.

The Hamilton Spectator

February 2018 | Liam Stack’s piece about hysterectomies makes another appearance in The Hamilton Spectator, including another shout out for NWHN’s hysterectomy consumer health information.


February 2018 | Women’sHealth.com talks about Lena Dunham’s experience with her hysterectomy, referencing NWHN’s statistics about removal of the uterus or ovaries at a young age.


February 2018 | Another study conducted about elagolix’s effect on fibroids is published by AbbVie, and NWHN’s fibroids consumer health information makes an appearance.

MD Magazine

February 2018 | Matt Hoffman of MD Magazine references NWHN’s consumer health information on uterine fibroids in his piece about elagolix, an oral gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist being studied for the treatment of endometriosis and uterine fibroids.

New York Times

February 2018  | NWHN’s consumer health information on hysterectomies get a shout out from New York Times author Liam Stack, who writes about actress Lena Dunham’s experience getting a hysterectomy after enduring endometriosis.

Women’s Health

January 2018  | NWHN’s Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson says crisis pregnancy centers “are designed for one purpose—to make sure everyone carries their pregnancy to full term—and they’ll do or say anything to make sure that happens.”

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