The materials listed below provide information about miscarriage and medication abortion. The NWHN is committed to providing information on these topics that are based on science and bodily autonomy.


Abortion with Pills vs. Miscarriage: Demystifying the Experience

In the United States, pregnant people are often culturally discouraged from revealing their pregnancies in the first trimester and may discuss their miscarriages or abortions with their closest friends or family members, creating a veil of secrecy and shame around a very normal part of human reproduction.


Abortion with Pills (Medication Abortion): Health Information

We know that abortion is an extremely safe and effective option for people who do not want to remain pregnant. We also know that access to safe and affordable abortion care improves economic, social, and health outcomes.


Abortion Without Provider Involvement: Exercising Autonomy Beyond Partisan Politics

The NWHN believes that people in the United States should be able to walk into a local pharmacy and purchase the drug needed for a medication abortion (misoprostol, brand name Cytotec) over-the-counter, in order to end their pregnancy.

How Medication Abortion Changes the Narrative of Self-Managed Abortions

Medication abortion, sometimes called “abortion pills,” is an FDA-approved method for safely ending a pregnancy through the first 10 weeks.


What to Expect When You Stop Expecting: Demystifying Miscarriage and Medication Abortion 

In response to the confirmation of two hard-right Supreme Court justices and an increasingly hostile judiciary that threatens women’s access to clinic-based abortion, the NWHN has been working hard to demystify medication abortion for the public and push back against medically unnecessary restrictions imposed by states and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Women Taking Abortion Pills on Their Own

Medication abortion is an abortion that is caused by taking a drug or combination of drugs to end a pregnancy. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the specific combination of mifepristone and misoprostol for medication abortion, and it is also approved for use in about 50 other countries around the world.