The National Women’s Health Network is Outraged by Today’s Vote!

The National Women’s Health Network strongly opposes the AHCA and believes it does not represent the will of the American people.

The NWHN helped win a huge victory when the ACA was passed because it represented what women needed and wanted in terms of their health care. We are blown away that Congress passed this outrageous bill without fully understanding the implications it would have for Americans, especially women. But women are smart; they understand enough to know that they will be left out if this bill becomes law.

The ACA helped 17.7 million people including 9.5 million women gain coverage through marketplace plans. Since the implementation of the ACA, uninsured rates dropped from 19% to less than 10%. The legislation that was just approved by the House would put these gains at risk and have a devastating impact on millions of Americans. The AHCA would take away financial support for low- and moderate-income families, slash coverage for pre-existing conditions, defund Planned Parenthood and gut Medicaid, which currently provides coverage for roughly 43 million women.

We believe comprehensive health care is a human right and should be accessible and affordable to everyone. We will continue to advocate for women’s health and expose health care abuses perpetrated by the current administration.

Stand With Women