The NWHN Has Chosen a New Executive Director!

Mayra Jacqueline Ferreira (Jacquie)


The National Women’s Health Network is thrilled to announce that we have chosen a new Executive Director. Mayra Jacqueline Ferreira, MPH, who goes by Jacquie, will be stepping into the role on July 12, 2021. Respected in the public health field as a dynamic leader and pivotal strategist, Jacquie has worked tirelessly to advance women’s reproductive rights and access in under-served population areas in the U.S. and abroad. She comes to the NWHN after a thirteen year tenure at Physicians for Reproductive Health (PRH), a provider-led organization that works to improve access to high quality reproductive health care. As their Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Executive Officer, Jacquie leveraged her tactical leadership skills and people-centric approach to improve operations, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and reduce costs while expanding programmatic offerings. Most notably, she: 


  • Designed and implemented a world class Leadership Training Academy, (LTA), that instills providers with the skills they need to be effective, culturally competent health care advocates. The academy has also cultivated a number of PRH board members, and has catalyzed a more representative leadership structure.
  • Reduced operating costs by as much as 75% across multiple divisions and fostered an environment conducive to staff performance and well-being by integrating a virtual working model across the organization.
  • Helped to expand Global Doctors for Choice, an international network of physicians improving access to safe reproductive health care for all, to five new centers in Ghana, South Africa, Columbia, Brazil, and Mexico. 


A foreign-born womxn raised in the Dominican Republic, Jacquie comes to this work with valuable lived experience and a passion for creating a more just world, having witnessed economic disparity between the wealthy and the poor in the DR first-hand. Despite significant economic growth in recent years, the country still maintains many of the social, economic, and healthcare issues facing other countries globally, largely due to income inequality. Jacquie engaged with these complex issues from a young age, and migrated to the US with the hope of becoming part of a movement to enact large-scale change in the world. After serving in the United States Air Force, she went on to earn her Masters of Public Health and took on a number of medical education and executive leadership roles - a path that led her to the Network today. 

As the new Executive Director, Jacquie hopes first to do a lot of listening. She plans to conduct 1:1 interviews, data analysis, and other assessment activities so that all stakeholder perspectives are used to craft an inclusive and viable vision for the Network’s future. She believes passionately in using proven techniques to improve organizational impact, and credits Sam Shargo of Scale Right Advisors for introducing her to the Entrepreneurial Operating System, her go-to resource for nonprofit management. She also credits Dr. Toni Bond and Loretta Ross, two of the founding mothers of the Reproductive Justice movement, Alex Moses of Life of Love, and her indomitable mother as important leadership influences. When asked what she wanted the membership to know about her first and foremost, she responded without hesitation: “I’m an integrator. I bring people together. I’m best at that.”

To learn more about Jacquie, check out her LinkedIn profile and keep an eye out on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels for news about upcoming interviews and introduction events.