NWHN Applauds Reproductive Justice Being at the Forefront!

Here at the National Women's Health Network (NWHN) we don’t weigh in on candidates or elections; what we do is educate our members when policy proposals impact our core values. That’s why we were thrilled to see abortion discussed openly, without euphemism, in front of millions of people on live television as a routine part of women’s health care.

Meanwhile, the platform adopted by delegates includes a provision we have been fighting since our inception 40 years ago: the repeal of the Hyde Amendment. When larger organizations shied away from this fight, the NWHN was a key driver in highlighting the injustices of denying women abortion care based on their income—a policy which for 40 years has disproportionately harmed women of color.

Capping years of work, we joined allies this June in writing to both the Republican and Democratic platform committees urging them to adopt language to ensure that “no one is prohibited from making a personal decision about pregnancy just because of where she lives, her immigration status, her insurance coverage, or her ability to pay.” It was deeply rewarding to see the DNC platform include the language of reproductive justice.

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