Women’s health topics attract a lot of media attention — whether it’s new research about menopause, a question about the safety of breast implants or a contraceptive, or a political attack on critical women’s health services. The NWHN is a trusted source for explaining women’s perspectives on these, and many other, health developments.

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Highlights – 2019

International Pharmaceutical Industry

April 2019 | Executive Director Cindy Pearson’s comments on the osteoporosis drug Evenity were cited in an article about the drug’s pricing.


April 2019 | Executive Director Cindy Pearson’s comments on the osteoporosis drug Evenity were cited in an article about the drug’s pricing.


April 2019 | The NWHN calls for long term studies on the effects of breast implants on autoimmune disorders. 


April 2019 | Executive Director Cindy Pearson on Addyi’s updated black box warning, “The decision means that FDA is prioritizing women’s safety over a company’s wish to do away with a black box warning. By insisting that the warning remain, women get crucial safety information.”

The Washington Free Beacon

April 2019 | The NWHN was one of 26 organizations to sign a letter calling on the House Committees on the Judiciary and Oversight and Reform to investigate the the confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Market Research Gazette 

April 2019 | Article on the global market for organic tampons references NWHN facts on tampon usage in the US.

Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference

April 2019 | Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson spoke at the “Advocating For Non-Coersive LARC Policy” workshop. 

The New York Times

March 2019 | An opinion piece on the postpartum depression drug Zulresso. If it becomes the norm, the onus of treatment will remain where it’s always been, on individual mothers.

elite daily

March 2019 | Descriptions of 6 types of hormonal birth control methods referencing facts from the NWHN.

Power to Decide

March 2019 | A history of the contemporary women’s health movement highlighting the NWHN as a leading women’s health organization.

Chicago Magazine

March 2019 | The history of Jane, and underground abortion services network in Chicago. Laura Kaplan was an important member of Jane and served on the board of the NWHN.

William & Mary News

March 2019 | Former NWHN chair Sybil Shainwald will speak at William & Mary’s 2019 commencement.


March 2019 | Bustle quotes Executive Director Cindy Pearson’s statement in an article about the FDA ordering Aid Access to cease delivery of abortion pills in the US. 

Medical News Today

March 2019 | Article on hormonal contraception references the NWHN’s facts on the cost of the birth control shot and pill.

Rewire News

March 2019 | NWHN Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson on Scott Gottlieb’s time as FDA Commissioner. 

Penobscot Bay Pilot

March 2019 | The NWHN supports the Personal Care Products Safety Act which would update safety rules and strengthen the FDA’s regulations on ingredients in personal care products.

Framingham Source

March 2019 | The NWHN supports the Reproductive Rights are Human Rights Act which would require the U.S. State Department to include reproductive rights in its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.


March 2019 | Article on blood clots and deep vein thrombosis references the NWHN’s work on hormone therapy.

Teen Vogue

March 2019 | This article highlights information from our #BustAbortionMyths tweetstorm.

The Washington Post

February 2019 | Obituary of Dr. Philip Corfman. “The ‘range and safety of contraceptive methods available to women today’ in the United States is owed more to Dr. Corfman than to ‘any other one person.'” -Executive Director Cindy Pearson

The Rainbow Times

February 2019 | A discussion of the Do No Harm Act, which is an amendment to the Religious Freedom Restoration act that the NWHN supports.


February 2019 | Op-Ed written by Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson on how the Trump Administration’s new Title X rule is more proof of his anti-science agenda. 


February 2019 | Article on organic and natural tampons cited the NWHN’s facts about tampon use in the US.

MedTech Dive

February 2019 | “We still don’t know how to tell women how likely a devastating outcome will be. Nothing that happened today gets us closer to that.” Executive Director Cindy Pearson on the Feb. 2019 FDA transvaginal mesh meeting.

Medical News Today

February 2019 | Recent guidelines from the National Women’s Health Network indicate that it is just fine to suppress menstruation through birth control pills, and most gynecologists agree that this approach is typically safe.

Jewish Women’s Archive

February 2019 | An exploration of the history of Jewish women’s involvement in the women’s health movement, including four of the five founders of the National Women’s Health Network that were Jewish. 

Los Angeles Times

February 2019 | Executive Director Cindy Pearson’s comments to the editor on an opinion piece about Hormone Replacement Therapy.


February 2019 | Information from the NWHN on the out-of-pocket cost of birth control without insurance. 

The New York Times

February 2019 | LARC insertions rose after the 2016 presidential election amid fears of insurance coverage for contraception.

LION Online 

January 2019 | Communications Director Evita Almassi discussing the NWHN’s position on Crisis Pregnancy Centers: “the counselors aren’t medical providers and they aren’t required to give out medically accurate information.” 


January 2019 | Cosigned letter to Congress expressing concerns that provisions in NAFTA 2.0 (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) undermine efforts to expand access to affordable medicines.

Psychology Today

January 2019 | In 1970 women were in Congress not as elected officials but as protesters speaking out against dangerous side effects of the birth control pill. Psychology Today looks back at National Women’s Health Network founder Alice Wolfson’s activism in Congress.

New York Times

January 2019 | This opinion piece on the dangers of using LARCs as a solution to poverty references the NWHN and Sister Song’s Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Statement of Principles.