Women’s health topics attract a lot of media attention — whether it’s new research about menopause, a question about the safety of breast implants or a contraceptive, or a political attack on critical women’s health services. The NWHN is a trusted source for explaining women’s perspectives on these, and many other, health developments.

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January, 2020

  • American Thinker I The NWHN’s co-founder Phyllis Chesler is referenced and her accomplishments summarized.
  • Medical Plastics News  I The National Women’s Health Network (NWHN), is cited as a consumer activists group that has long advocated for the greater participation of women and other key groups in clinical trials for all drugs and devices.
  • Refinery29 I The NWHN’s Founder Barbara Seaman is recognized for her work with the National Women’s Health Network, which Seaman cofounded, the effects of drugs on women are better understood and shared, and living while female is no longer considered a pathology.
  • DAGORETTI NEWS I The National Women’s Health Network is quoted about hysterectomy related stats.

February 2020

  • NBC Nightly News I The NWHN’s M. Isabelle Chaudry is featured in an NBC Nightly News clip givng a  statement in a public meeting at the FDA on testing for asbestos in talc.
  • MEAWW I The NWHN’s Sarah Christopherson is quoted in a piece about the Supreme Court case June Medical Services v. Gee: Pro-life and pro-choice supporters agree verdict will impact abortions across US.
  • Yahoo Finance I The NWHN is cited as an orgnization that spoke at the FDA meeting on testing for asbestsos in talc.
  • ReWireI The NWHN’s Policy Advocacy Director, Sarah Christopherson penned an OpEd in response to the LA Timesweaving narratives together to explain what’s really behind conservatives’ enthusiasm for contraception without prescription