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In general, people with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and certain other types of retirement plans are required by law to withdraw a minimum amount from their account starting at age 70½ (the exact amount depends upon the type of plan). Donating all or a portion of this IRA distribution to a 501(c)3 organization can help minimize one’s tax payments, and do good at the same time.

It was Thanksgiving, late afternoon—I glanced out my window to see a woman on our new neighbor’s patio, bending over, clutching her abdomen, rocking back and forth. She was clearly in agony.

It’s probably not a coincidence that both FARE and AAN have received substantial financial support from EpiPen’s manufacturer. Since 2011, Mylan has provided more than $10 million to fund various “educational efforts” including donations to these two groups.

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“Even the scale I was weighed on had the name of a drug on it – a weight loss drug,” said my friend, after visiting her doctor. If it’s any consolation, the ad wasn’t directed at her.

Do you need your hormones 'balanced?' Some alternative doctors are promoting hormone cocktails to cure what ails you, and if you think nothing ails you, well, maybe that's just your haywire hormones talking.

Amidst the large and sometimes confusing variety of hormone replacement therapy options, “natural" hormones have been growing in both visibility and popularity. Creams containing wild yam extracts or natural progesterone, or oral natural progesterone preparations are emerging as the HRT...

An interview with long-time NWHN board member Dr. Helen Rodriguez-Trias, M.D. on her work fighting against sterilization abuse.

Instead of providing women with access to alternative forms of safe, legal, and reversible contraception, U.S. policy promoted the use of permanent sterilization. By 1968, women of childbearing age in Puerto Rico were more than ten times more likely to...