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Is Depo-Provera safe? According to the WHO, the answer just changed from “Absolutely!” to “Well, for most people, but not for all.” This is because studies have found a small but statistically significant correlation between using Depo-Provera and contracting HIV.

One of the most controversial debates stemming from Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been over maternity coverage and who should pay for it. Under the ACA, coverage for maternity and newborn care—like mental health care, prescription drugs, and more—is part of the essential health benefits package that insurance companies must include in plans for individuals and small employers.

Advances in health care have made it possible to increase the quantity, if not always the quality, of many people’s lives. There is a growing right-to-die movement in the United States. I have been working on exploring whether, and how, veterans of the women’s health movement might engage with and shape the right-to-die movement.

Over 40 years after Jane folded when abortion was legalized, its echoes continue to reverberate. But the right to an abortion has never stopped being under attack.

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Do you need your hormones 'balanced?' Some alternative doctors are promoting hormone cocktails to cure what ails you, and if you think nothing ails you, well, maybe that's just your haywire hormones talking.

Amidst the large and sometimes confusing variety of hormone replacement therapy options, “natural" hormones have been growing in both visibility and popularity. Creams containing wild yam extracts or natural progesterone, or oral natural progesterone preparations are emerging as the HRT...

An interview with long-time NWHN board member Dr. Helen Rodriguez-Trias, M.D. on her work fighting against sterilization abuse.

Instead of providing women with access to alternative forms of safe, legal, and reversible contraception, U.S. policy promoted the use of permanent sterilization. By 1968, women of childbearing age in Puerto Rico were more than ten times more likely to...