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Celebrity promotions are nothing new – we see them constantly, from athletes endorsing sports equipment to singers promoting skin care brands.

As health care workers inevitably reduce the attention they give to people in labor in order to attend to the pandemic, support persons will be instrumental in making sure mothers and infants receive the care they need.

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Protect Science at Federal Agencies

By: Tessa Ruff , Policy Updates

At the National Women’s Health Network, we are deeply concerned about the state of science under the Trump-Pence administration. Respect for science and scientists at federal agencies has dangerously eroded over the last 21 months. By repeatedly hiding, mischaracterizing, and...

Women’s suffrage has been an essential factor in the advancement of women’s rights, including abortion, contraception, health care coverage, and protections against discrimination in the workplace. It is no surprise that women’s voting rights, and voting rights in general, still...

Natural Cycles is a high-tech version of the classic rhythm method (also called natural family planning or the fertility awareness method) in which users track their ovulation cycles in order to avoid pregnancy. Updated: Oct 27, 2018

The Future of Health Care Under Brett Kavanaugh: Part 2

By: Olivia Lyman , Policy Updates

Did you know that the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment? This means that Brett Kavanaugh could undermine women’s health for decades to come.

The Future of Reproductive Rights Under Brett Kavanaugh

By: Olivia Lyman ,, Policy Updates

Trump campaigned with a promise to conservatives that he would nominate to the Supreme Court a justice willing to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that established the constitutional right to abortion in 1973.

Trump campaigned with a promise to conservatives that he would fill the federal courts from the top down with judges to their liking, securing a conservative judiciary for generations to come.

Trump’s rule and the deliberately confusing health care provider list would create another hoop for people seeking abortion care to jump through to exercise their constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion.

On June 1, 2018, the Trump administration proposed drastic changes to Title X, the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive health care. This proposed rule is #MoreThanAGagRule and threatens to take away quality, affordable reproductive health care and...

At a luncheon for anti-abortion organizations in Nashville last month, Mike Pence declared that legal abortion would end “in our time.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the Trump administration has been working hard to dismantle access to reproductive...

The first year of the Trump presidency has brought an almost endless slew of scandals, resignations, and exposés. It often feels like we’re watching reality TV, and sometimes it seems like we no longer even expect qualified government officials to...