The National Women’s Health Network (NWHN) improves women’s health by affecting policy


NWHN Interns at Rally

We know that good policy can make a difference in women’s lives. It can improve access and make health care services available to women who previously couldn’t afford to see a doctor.

Good policy can open doors to careers in health professions that were previously undervalued, like midwifery, or predominantly male, like surgery. Good policy can protect women from unnecessary harm by making drugs and medical devices safer, and including women in research and clinical trials. It can reduce barriers by putting safe health tools in women’s hands, like by making pregnancy tests and Emergency Contraception available over-the-counter.

Since its beginning, the NWHN has affected women’s health policy in all these ways and more. Our core strategic approach is to analyze important health issues and share our take on those issues in ways that catalyze grassroots action.

The NWHN is not a lobbying group, and we’re not a policy shop

We are feminist health activists who use policy analysis as a tool. We use the avenues of input that are open to us – sometimes on the streets, more often in government offices – to bring the voice of people concerned about women’s health to decision-makers who create and implement health policies.

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