Maternal Health

Our Track Record:

There are real maternal health disparities in this country, particularly for Black women, who are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women despite socioeconomic status, insurance status, and geographic location. The Network believes that the best way to close this gap is to wholeheartedly support the grassroots organizations already working on the ground to help pregnant and post-partum people. We’re building upon the work we’ve done for several decades through our Raising Women’s Voices program (RWV), which provided thousands of dollars in funding and hundreds of hours of technical assistance to maternal health groups across the nation.

What’s Next:

The Network will continue to support organizations working with pregnant and post-partum people on the ground. We’ve taken the lessons learned from RWV and applied them to an exciting and expanded  mini-grant program, which we’ll unveil in the coming months. We’ll also be working hard on Capitol Hill to advance the following policy priorities:  

  • Extending Medicaid coverage for all post-partum people across the country from 60 days to one year. Of note, Medicaid covers 42% of births every year. 
  • Securing robust, comprehensive paid family and medical leave for all, because every person should be there for their families in the moments that matter most.  

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