Proud to be Bold and Ensure Abortion Coverage for All* Women


100 Days highlights bold supporters of the EACH Woman Act, which ensures coverage for abortion for every woman regardless of how much she earns, where she lives, or how she is insured. Each day, from July 9th until the EACH Woman Act Capitol Hill Day on October 22nd, All* Above All has highlighted different organizations, Members of Congress, and thought leaders about why they’re ALL* In for lifting bans on abortion coverage. We boldly stand with All* Above All today and every day to ensure that All* women are able to make the health care decision that is right for them and their family.

On October 22, NWHN staff, former and current board members, and interns will head to the Hill to participate in the third annual All* Above All Capitol Hill Day. There, we will educate Members of Congress on why we need to lift bans on abortion coverage and what they can do to get involved, including supporting the EACH Woman Act. We will also have an opportunity to thank those Members of Congress who have already signed on.

The full list of Congressional cosponsors is available here - if your Representative has not already signed on, consider sending her/him an email or giving their office a call. Let your Member know how important it is for them to sign onto the EACH Woman Act.

For resources and more information, check out the “Video to Make Hyde History,”  the Network’s new website and the All* Above All homepage (where we are featured today!). Together, let’s be bold - and end the harmful effects of the Hyde Amendment once and for all.

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