A Repeal = Less Coverage, at More Cost. Tell Congress to Protect our Care!

They hope to rush through a repeal bill before women can mobilize to stop them. With your help, we have already slowed down their process, but we’re not safe yet.

Our message to Congress is simple: don’t vote for any repeal bill without a replacement that insures the same number of people with the same protections guaranteed by the ACA.

Individual Republicans have put forward a number of ‘replacement’ plans but all of them have one thing in common: less coverage at more cost to women. We must make clear that simply putting out a proposal is not good enough to vote for taking away our care!

What can you do? Call your senators and representatives at 202-224-3121. Show up at their public events at home. Drop by their state and district offices. Let them know why saving the ACA matters to you.

And help us spread the word that you can still enroll in an ACA plan through Healthcare.gov through January 31. The Trump administration is doing everything it can to suppress enrollment because it knows the more people sign up, the harder it will be to take away!