What Are the Side-Effects of Taking Lupron Depot-PED?


My 8-year old daughter, per the recommendation of her doctor, was advised to take Lupron Depot-PED. What are the side-effects of taking this drug?


Lupron Depot-PED is often prescribed for the treatment of children with central precocious puberty, or CPP for short. CPP is a condition where signs of puberty begin to develop at an earlier age than usual – typically in girls under eight and boys under nine. Lupron Depot-PED works to temporarily stop these early signs of puberty and delay them until a later age. To do this, Lupron Depot-PED suppresses the production of the hormones that cause puberty. Based on your pediatrician’s recommendation, your daughter may receive Lupron Depot-Ped until it is appropriate for puberty to resume. Once treatment is stopped, puberty should begin again as normal.

There are some common side effects of taking Lupron Depot-PED. During the initial weeks of treatment, hormone levels may increase before they decline. As a result, you may notice that symptoms of puberty and CPP in your daughter get worse before they get better. Within one to two months of treatment, you should see signs of CPP improve. However, if symptoms of CPP continue past the second month of treatment, you should notify your daughter’s doctor. Since Lupron Depot-PED is administered via injection, your daughter may notice some pain or irritation at the injection site. Other common side effects include: acne; injection site reactions, including pain, swelling, and abscess; rash, including a painful rash with fever, blisters/sores, and facial swelling; vaginitis/vaginal bleeding/vaginal discharge; increased weight; altered mood; general pain; headache; fluctuating emotions; and hot flushes/sweating.

If you notice any unusual or worsened symptoms during treatment, be sure to contact your daughter’s doctor.

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