• Is A Pelvic Exam Possible
    July 28, 2016
    Is A Pelvic Exam Possible
    I had a hysterectomy in 1980 due to fibroids and endometriosis. I was 41 at the time and my ovaries were removed also. Then in 1997, I had breast cancer (DCIS) and had a lumpectomy. In 2004, I had a second breast cancer and opted to have a double mastectomy. Now no doctor wants to ...
  • Curious About Fosteum
    July 22, 2016
    Curious About Fosteum
    Is Fosteum safe and a good alternative for treating osteoporosis? Fosteum is a medical food that may be prescribed to treat osteoporosis. Fosteum contains genistein (a natural plant estrogen from soybeans), vitamin D, and zinc. This plant estrogen may help enhance bone health and reduce fracture risk. Fosteum contains a highly concentrated dose of genistein, much ...
  • To Prevent Fractures are “Scary Bone Drugs” Necessary
    July 13, 2016
    To Prevent Fractures are "Scary Bone Drugs" Necessary
    Once one is categorized as a high risk for fracture are those scary bone drugs absolutely necessary? I’m small boned so maybe the DEXA scan didn’t consider that. Is it too late to do a rigorous supplement, diet and strength training? I know every case is different but I’m overwhelmed and need an advisor.   The National ...
  • Weighing Your Mammography Options
    July 7, 2016
    Weighing Your Mammography Options
    I would like to know which mammogram 2D or 3D is recommended. While I’m only 46 years old I decided to get yearly mammograms beginning last year as there is a high rate of all sorts of cancers in my family.   In the United States, breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer among ...
  • Is Getting a Hysterectomy My Only Option for Treating Fibroids
    July 7, 2016
    Is Getting a Hysterectomy My Only Option for Treating Fibroids
    I was recently told I have a fibroid 16cm large. Is it possible for me to have the fibroid removed without having a full hysterectomy? Alternatively, if I do have a hysterectomy, how would this affect my sexual life?   Fibroids, or muscular tumors that grow in the uterine wall, are extremely common. According to the U.S. ...
  • Weighing Your Contraceptive Options
    June 22, 2016
    Weighing Your Contraceptive Options
    The National Women’s Health Network believes that everyone should have access to safe and effective contraception. If you have been experiencing severe pain, please report this to your doctor immediately. While we we don’t know if your pain is directly linked to Depo Provera, Depo Provera is commonly associated with a loss of bone mineral ...
  • Ms. Statins
    June 14, 2016
    Ms. Statins
    Are statin medications safe to take?   Statins and other cholesterol-lowering drugs are very popular. Statin medications work to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. By lowering cholesterol levels, they help prevent coronary heart disease (CHD). Statin medications include atorvastatin (Lipitor), rosuvastatin (Crestor), fluvastatin (Lescol), lovastatin (Altoprev), pravastatin (Provachol), pitavastatin (Livalo), and simvastatin (Zocor). In men ...