Since You Asked: Hey NWHN – Would YOU Take a COVID Vaccine?

This is a great question and, considering the political turmoil surrounding vaccine production, we’re not surprised it’s being asked repeatedly by reasonable people. The NWHN is pleased that the government is making vaccine development a priority, but as to whether we’d take a finished product?

The resounding answer is: it depends on the evidence and rigor associated with the vaccine’s trial, and the risk factors for each of us personally. We know that the FDA has a dubious history of ensuring adequate diversity in clinical trials for new drugs, and recent COVID vaccine trials have been no different. The NWHN is also gravely concerned about the lack of transparency regarding trial progression and the overall erosion of the public trust the process has engendered.

This all being said, we will continue to advocate for this transparency and scientific rigor and will be evaluating any emergent vaccine carefully. Here are the main criteria we at the NWHN will be using to assess the safety and effectiveness of any new vaccine:

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