It’s official – Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America.

Over the coming weeks, he will continue to fill dozens of federal appointments, including the head of the Food and Drug Administration. He and his transition team have already begun meeting with extreme candidates who want to gut the FDA’s ability to prevent unproven drugs and devices from going to market.

You have counted on us for over 40 years to fight for an FDA that ensures women have access to safe and reliable information gained through clinical trials that accurately represent us. We already know what happens when women are prescribed drugs without information on safety and effectiveness. It was our founding fight!

So join us now in telling the new administration that we won’t stay silent if they try to turn back the clock on women’s health.

Mr. President,

We rely on the FDA to make evidence-based decisions about the food, drug, and medical products we use every day. We don’t want drugs and devices rushed to market that have never been proven safe or effective. And we don’t want an FDA led by a commissioner who puts industry profits above women’s health.

Several of the candidates you are reportedly considering have argued in favor of gutting the FDA’s ability to prevent unproven drugs and devices from going to market. One candidate has argued that the FDA should “let people start using [drugs and devices] at their own risk… Let’s prove efficacy after they’ve been legalized.” Another tweeted that consumers “can do vastly better than FDA w/ a Yelp for Drugs.”

These statements betray a disturbing lack of understanding of not only the role of the FDA, but also human biology. Many new drugs are no better than placebos, but come with dangerous side effects for users. A robust approval process built on the results of scientifically sound clinical trials ensures that patients and consumers can weigh the benefits and risks before starting a new treatment, not after it’s too late.

We urge you to nominate an FDA commissioner with a demonstrated background in science and respect for women’s health who will put patients over industry profits.

To sign your name to our petition and tell Trump that he needs to do the right thing and fill this vacancy with someone who will stand up for consumer safety and women’s health!