Supreme Court Stands Strong Against Abortion Bullies!

When we wrote to you last March, a woman's constitutionally protected right to an abortion was in jeopardy. HB2, the 2013 Texas law that requires abortion care facilities to serve as ambulatory surgical centers and requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, had resulted in the closing of 75% of Texas’ abortion clinics. The law is medically unnecessary - it actually harms women’s health and well being - and yet was passed under the guise of “protecting women.”

But today the Supreme Court affirmed that women deserve compassion, respect and dignity in making their health care decision, not politicians creating needless barriers. The decision reaffirms a woman’s Constitutional right to make decisions about her health, her family, and her future. But this decision doesn’t stand alone - it’s part of a continuous fight against political interference in the right to safe, legal abortion care.

Together, we fought hard against the abortion bullies - and we won. This victory establishes a strong legal standard that laws like HB2 unduly limit a woman’s access to abortion and won’t hold up in Court. Because a right without access is no right at all.

Whether you attended the rally at the Supreme Court in person last March, showed your support on social media, or chatted with friends about why abortion access is vital to women’s reproductive and economic autonomy: thank you for being a part of this historic moment with us. Thank you for helping us #StopTheSham.