One Year Later, Women’s March Still Needs to Center Marginalized Voices

By Negar Esfandiari Last January, over 5 million people participated in the worldwide protest we know now as the 2017 Women’s March, with a half-million of them marching right here in DC. Fired up and itching to speak out against the atrocities of the man who had been inaugurated the day before, the city’s streets … Continued

From Phantom Activist to Marching on the Streets of Washington, D.C.

By Caila Brander, NWHN Policy Fellow I have many prominent memories from the Women’s March on Washington. Hearing the cheers of half a million people reverberate through the buildings on Independence Avenue, all calling for change. Starting the march, our energy electric, singing and chanting as we made our way to Pennsylvania Avenue. Watching as … Continued

The Spiral of Women’s Health Activism

A report from the Global Symposium Celebrating 40 Years of Our Bodies, Ourselves When 14 women got together around a kitchen table in Boston in 1970 to write Women and Their Bodies (which would later become Our Bodies, Ourselves), they had grand ambitions. They knew their newsprint creation was much more than a book, and … Continued

7th Annual Barbara Seaman Awards for Activism in Women’s Health

On October 27, 2014, the National Women’s Health Network (NWHN) will celebrate the 7th Annual Barbara Seaman Awards for Activism in Women’s Health with an evening reception in Washington, DC. The Awards were established in honor of Barbara Seaman, a NWHN co-founder, after her untimely death in 2008. The Awards recognize work that exemplifies Barbara’s … Continued

Reflecting on Our Mission

I will have the wonderful opportunity to write directly to you, our supporters, for this and the next issue of the Women’s Health Activist while our Executive Director, Cindy Pearson, is away on sabbatical.  As Chair of the NWHN’s Board of Directors, I have been fortunate to work with a diverse group of women from … Continued

A Lifetime of Advancing Women’s Health: The 6th Annual Barbara Seaman Awards

On Monday, November 18th, Network members gathered at Elizabeth’s on L in Washington, DC for the 6th Annual Barbara Seaman Awards for Activism in Women’s Health. This year’s event honored two women who have tirelessly and unabashedly advocated on behalf of women everywhere. After the death of Network co-founder Barbara Seaman in 2008, the Board of … Continued

Sex Ed the City: Oakland Youth Advocate for Comprehensive Sex Education

“We as students have rights! We have a right to know our own bodies and have access to information.” This is the voice of an Oakland, California youth expressing frustration over the lack of relevant sex education and support being provided in the schools. And, this is the story of what the students did about … Continued