Flibanserin Approved… Women’s Health and Safety Ignored!

I’m disappointed and you should be too. Today, the Food & Drug Administration announced the approval of flibanserin, a proposed treatment for “hypoactive sexual desire disorder” in women. Since its founding, the National Women’s Health Network has ensured that the voices of women consumers are heard and respected. Today, clever marketing trumped decades worth of … Continued

Sexism and the Pink Pill

I’m sure you’ve turned on the television and seen ads marketing drugs for male sexual dysfunction like Viagra. The pharmaceutical industry spends millions marketing these drugs for men, but have yet to come up with a safe and effective drug treatment for women. An article in the March/April issue of The Women’s Health Activist entitled … Continued

Sex Drugs for Women: Myths and Marketing Messages

Myth:  Addyi is female Viagra Headline writers like cute titles, so “female Viagra” was an inevitable nickname for a women’s sex drug.  And Addyi pills are pink, sending a not-so-subtle message that women have a pink pill for sex, just like men have a blue pill for sex. But that’s where the similarities end. Viagra … Continued

A Little Pink Pill? Not Yet!

For the first time ever, a committee of scientific advisors has recommended the FDA approve a libido drug for women. “Female Viagra” could be on pharmacy shelves by early next year if the FDA follows that recommendation. Many women’s health advocates are calling this a victory, saying this little pink pill finally will bring gender … Continued

You Can Count on Us

Let’s face it, nearly all of us have had challenges with our sex lives at one time or another. And no wonder! We live in a culture that is obsessed with women’s sexuality and sexual performance and the pharmaceutical industry certainly wants to cash in on it.As you already know, the cultural impact and multibillion-dollar … Continued

FDA Scientific Workshop – Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder

Statement of Cindy Pearson, Executive Director, National Women’s Health Network Food and Drug Administration Scientific Workshop on Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder I am speaking on behalf of the National Women’s Health Network, a non-profit advocacy organization that works to improve the health of all women. We are supported by our members, and do not take … Continued