Access Denied: Immigrant Women and the Affordable Care Act

Together, we’ve obtained hard-fought victories that at one time we could only imagine, such as millions of women getting contraceptive coverage with no cost-sharing from their insurance plans as required by the new health care law. Historic decisions like this make health care reflect and respond to women’s needs. The National Women’s Health Network (NHWN) … Continued

RX for Change: Choosing Wisely on Getting a Bone Density Test

Recommendations about bone density (BD) testing have shifted over the last few years — we are proud to say, more toward what the NWHN has recommended for over a decade! This article reviews the BD testing recommendations from the Choosing Wisely® (CW) campaign. This campaign grew from an American Board of Internal Medicine program called … Continued

Environmental Toxins Threaten Reproductive Health and Justice

Amidst the hard-fought battles to protect and expand access to basic reproductive health care, including abortion care and contraception, we don’t often stop to connect the dots between reproductive health and environmental health. This is due partly to the siloed nature of our two movements, and to the historically defensive nature of work to protect … Continued

G-Spots and Sore Spots

G Spots Florida communities have long been enthusiastic adopters of ineffective abstinence-only-until-marriage school health programs. Now, things might be changing for the better. In May, the Broward County School Board voted unanimously to shift to using a comprehensive and age-appropriate sexuality education curriculum instead, beginning in kindergarten. The new curriculum will start being used in … Continued


The Network has always been opposed to the practice of removing healthy ovaries, as used to be standard practice when a woman got a hysterectomy. In 2008, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) finally took a similar position on the removal of healthy ovaries. This practice, called “elective bilateral oophorectomy” (BO) often undermines … Continued

Women Taking Abortion Pills on Their Own

When a woman in Idaho, who had taken drugs that she ordered over the Internet to end her unintended pregnancy, told a friend about what she experienced, she ended up under arrest, charged with a felony for having an illegal abortion. When a woman in Mexico suspects she might be pregnant when she doesn’t want … Continued

Young Feminist: A Journey to Self Love and Happiness

I have been learning more about the concept of self-love lately. Now that I’ve completed my undergraduate education, I am excited to embark on a new journey — one towards self-discovery and joy. I am eager to make holistic lifestyle changes that will enable me to maintain good physical, mental, and spiritual health. I also … Continued