Is Medication Abortion a Safe Option to End an Unintended Pregnancy

We’ve been surrounded by news stories about women being penalized for wanting to end their pregnancy by taking pills. Can you tell me more about medication abortion? Is it a safe option for ending an unwanted pregnancy?   Women decide to have an abortion for a variety of reasons. It is important for all women … Continued

Women Taking Abortion Pills on Their Own

When a woman in Idaho, who had taken drugs that she ordered over the Internet to end her unintended pregnancy, told a friend about what she experienced, she ended up under arrest, charged with a felony for having an illegal abortion. When a woman in Mexico suspects she might be pregnant when she doesn’t want … Continued

G-Spots and Sore Spots

G Spots Seventeen magazine has agreed to a “Body Peace Treaty” in response to 14-year-old activist Julia Bluhm’s online petition. The petition, signed by 84,000 people, claimed that Seventeen promotes an unhealthy body image and inaccurately represents young women. The Treaty commits Seventeen to “celebrate every kind of beauty” and “never change girls’ body or face shape” through photographic editing. … Continued